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Some Information Regarding Our Pricing Methodology

Myrtle Beach Limousine is here to make the booking process as easy as possible! For those of you who have never had the opportunity to indulge in limousine service, we completely understand that the notion of paying for a chauffeured limousine might seem out of reach. Especially if you're tied to a specific budget. However, we're here to let you know that we often are able to beat this objection by providing fair and accurate pricing, and by providing a true value to your big event. Value that cannot always be summed up in dollars and cents. We would like you to know up front that our services are well worth any price you pay. Besides, we work to make our rentals as affordable as possible because we operate on a demand based scale that often allows us to bring our rental rates lower when our costs are not as high. In summation, we'd like to invite you to get in touch with us, and let our booking agents work their magic in finding you the best deal for your event possible.

We provide the best, most accurate rates possible.

As we mention above, we always work to provide you with our best price, regardless of the type of event you are planning. Now, we'd like to tell you some of the logistics behind our philosophy in doing this. You see, most companies out there will figure out their max profit for the year, and base their pricing on that figure. We do things a little differently. Our accounting team is constantly analyzing costs we incur, and performing forecasts based on various market conditions which will dictate our costs during any given point in time. This ongoing analysis permits us to reduce our rates whenever we notice that we may be experiencing a period of lower cost output. We do this because we want to ensure our services are as affordable as possible for all who desire to pamper themselves with a little something special.

When calling for a price, here's what we'll need to know:

When you decide to pick up the phone and give us a call, you're going to be presented with a few different questions by your booking agent. The first question we'll ask, is if you know the date which you'll require services and, how much time you will need. Second, we'll need to know the maximum number of guests that we'll be accommodating on your big day. Third, we will need to know the city in which you would like to be picked up. With this information we'll be able to provide an accurate to the dollar quote. However, following this information, we'll ask more specific questions regarding your event. That information will allow us to provide you details on any ancillary packages that might add some value to your trip, or even provide a bit of savings on the bill if we are offering promotions.

We all like to save money...

Here's how you may be able to pick up some savings!

If your date is flexible, then the sure-fire way to save a bit of money on your rate would be to consider having your services on a day that is "off-peak". During the spring and autumn wedding/prom/homecoming seasons, we are beyond busy. For that reason, our costs will go up because we have to provide more staffing in order to keep our fleet perfect for each and every customer. If you can avoid these seasons, it will save you some money. Taking this even further, we are often able to offer even further reduced rates on traditionally "off-peak" days of the week. If you can move your date to any day other than a Friday or Saturday, we can almost guarantee that the rate will be more affordable. We invite you to discuss your situation with your booking agent. They will be more than happy to offer advice on the most affordable days to work with us!

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We are here to do our best to make your booking process as easy and trouble free as possible. And hope to make your day as amazing as it can be! We'd like to offer one more tip before we let you move on to our service area page. It also is pertaining to making your day with us as affordable and fun for everyone involved. Should you not be in the position to "treat" everyone to a great night out, you'll find that having everyone chip in on the rental fee will allow everyone to have an amazing time, at a price that might not be much more than a Taxi Cab. We've all been in Taxi's and nothing against our brethren in that field... but, they simply cannot compare to the fun and enjoyment that a limousine or party bus will bring to the table.

We can virtually guarantee that you won't regret your decision to work with us. Especially once the day of your trip arrives and everyone is happily riding along in world-class luxury. All that remains is to give us a call now to begin your reservation process!

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